Successful apprenticeship at BORBET Thüringen.

As one of the biggest employees in the region, BORBET makes a point on a good and well-based apprenticeship.
The light alloy wheel expert trains demand-oriented in Bad Langensalza and achieves real future prospects.

After a three and a half year training period, BORBET once again took over two apprentices, an industrial mechanic and a cutting machine operator.
Director Dr.-Ing. Claus-Michael Honsel, the deputy chairman of the work council Dirk Schirrmacher, personal manager Stefan Borgwardt, trainer Detlef Hunstock, member of the work council Markus Bohn and youth employment representative Alexander Simmen congratulated the new skilled employees. Dr. Honsel thanked Mr. Warsawa and Mr. Koselack on behalf of BORBET and handed over individual presents.


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