2021 BORBET V 19 black pol. Hyundai-Tucson web
BORBET V crystal silver
BORBET V black polished glossy
BORBET V mistral anthracite glossy

BORBET V and Hyundai Tucson Nx4e. An all-round stylish duo.

A SUV so powerful as the Hyundai Tucson Nx4e, deserves a strong and stylish partner such as the BORBET V.

The elaborately formed 10-spoke wheel of the „Classic“ category is now available in  7,0x19 inch and in the finish „crystal silver“– the other two finishes „black polished glossy“ and „mistral anthracite glossy“ will follow shortly.

The BORBET V with its classical elegant curves is suitable for the summer as well as winter usage. With BORBET V all territories can be mastered.