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Values & history

Values & history

Family business and traditional company

Family business and traditional company - we are both and we carry ourselves in both ways. Since 1962, our heritage company from Germany's Sauerland region has become a worldwide leader in the manufacture of light alloy wheels. The reason for this: BORBET stands for perfect quality, innovative technologies and pioneering design - valuable work that has made us a sought-after partner for the automobile industry and speciality retail. We are aware that our 130 year existence only grew due to our engaged, diligent and loyal employees, who we can count on in all locations at all times. So we still see ourselves as a family. With unbounded passion for our craft, deep affinity to our roots that stretch back to 1881, and the lofty objective of always giving our best for you, our customers.

  1. 1881

    Gustav Borbet founded the BORBET company as a brass foundry in the German town of Altena in Westphalia.

  2. 1928

    Wilhelm Borbet expanded production to include aluminium sand casting.

  3. 1949

    The staff at BORBET Altena in 1949 with company head Wilhelm Borbet (second from right)

  4. 1954

    Peter Wilhelm Borbet (born 1936), Wilhelm´s son, joins his father´s company. There he attends the company´s own apprentice workshop.

  5. 1960

    After completing training as an industrial clerk (1957) and further employment in his father´s foundry, Peter Wilhelm Borbet emigrated to the USA.

  6. 1961

    Following his return, Peter Wilhelm Borbet founded a branch of the family company in the town of Hallenberg-Hesborn in Germany´s Hochsauerland region, today the company´s headquarters.

  7. 1962

    Peter Wilhelm Borbet founded the company´s headquarters in Hallenberg-Hesborn / Hochsauerland region. Production of sand, mould and later gravity die casting parts.

  8. 1962

    Starting with just five employees, he began producing coupling housing, oil pans, and rolling stamps from lightweight metal alloys through sand casting and gravity die casting.

  9. 1963

    sand casting

  10. 1969

    The first big investement. An expansion of the existing production hall in Hesborn.

  11. 1970

    One of the first Dimo melting machines is delivered.

  12. 1973

    Rüdiger Borbet (born 1943), a casting engineer (RWTH Aachen, 1965-1971) and brother of Peter Wilhelm Borbet, joins the company as a management assistant.

  13. 1977

    The Borbet brothers recognise the potential of a new product class and begin to manufacture light alloy wheels for customers.

  14. 1978

    The branch in Hesborn becomes its own independent company, BORBET GmbH.

  15. 1979

    mechanical processing

  16. 1981

    The next plant expansion, where mechanical processing comes into play.

  17. 1982

    Foundry headquarters Hallenberg-Hesborn

  18. 1987

    Addition of new painting facility and Offices.

  19. 1987

    A star is born: The legendary BORBET A Wheel is produced and becomes a global success. This classic forms the basis for business with the aftermarket. With their first very own wheel assortment, Peter Wilhelm Borbet rings in a new era in the company history. The growing worldwide demand for high-quality light alloy wheels quickly enables additional investments and acquisitions.

  20. 1989

    Acquisition of CW-Fahrzeugtechnik in Niederneuching near Munich, which today is BORBET Vertriebs GmbH.

  21. 1996

    Acquisition of Austria Aluguss in Ranshofen, Austria, which today is BORBET Austria GmbH.

  22. 1998

    Construction and operation of the first phase of a new plant in Medebach, Hochsauerland region.

  23. 2001

    Completion of the second construction phase in Medebach, Hochsauerland region.

  24. 2001

    Acquisition of Kronprinz Aluguss in Solingen, which today is BORBET Solingen.

  25. 2003

    Construction and startup of the plant BORBET Thüringen in Bad Langensalza.

  26. 2003

    Acquisition of AWI South Africa in Port Elizabeth, which today is BORBET South Africa.

  27. 2006

    The Federal Cross of Merit is awarded to Peter Wilhelm Borbet for his outstanding services.

  28. 2007

    Groundbreaking for the expansion of production facilities in Hesborn is accompanied by a complete restructure. This investment ensures the future of the Hesborn location.

  29. 2008

    Completion of the production expansion at the main plant Hallenberg-Hesborn.

  30. 2010

    Introduction of the FlowForming technology, which enables to increase the stability of the wheels at a constant low material use and weight.

  31. 2012

    Expansions at Bad Langensalza are complete, making BORBET Thüringen GmbH Europe´s largest production facility for light alloy wheels.

  32. 2012

    Introduction of the ExaPeel procedure

  33. 2012

    BORBET celebrated its 50-year jubilee and is labelled a "Brand of the Century" by the Deutschen Standards EDITIONEN GmbH.

  34. 2013

    BORBET is awarded with the Supplier Award from PSA Peugeot Citroen and the VW Group Award from Volkswagen AG.

  35. 2015

    Foundation and groundbreaking of the BORBET Sachsen GmbH in Kodersdorf, Saxony.

  36. 2015

    Introduction of the tampon print.

  37. 2015

    Modernisation of the test facility in Hallenberg-Hesborn

  38. 2015

    Expansion of BORBET Thüringen GmbH by a fully automated high-bay warehouse

  39. 2016

    Startup of the BORBET Sachsen GmbH in Kodersdorf.

  40. 2017

    At the headquarters in Hallenberg-Hesborn the tool design and construction for the whole BORBET Group and the apprentice workshop is expanded on an area of 1,130 m².

  41. 2018

    Expansion and modernisation of the production BORBET South Africa, especially the areas painting shop, finish and a part of the mechanical handling as well as the end control and the packaging station.

  42. 2019

    Expansion of BORBET Thüringen GmbH by the pad printing center 



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