Do you love precision and are you interested in physical and technical processes? As a foundry technician at BORBET Austria, you will develop into a specialist for cast parts made of non-ferrous metals during your training and work together in a team to develop process improvements.


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Key Facts
Minimum requirement: You have completed 9 years of compulsory schooling
Duration of the apprenticeship: 4 years
Training location: Braunau am Inn
Vocational school: Neunkirchen (Lower Austria)
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That's what matters to us
  • You are interested in physical and technical processes 
  • You are technically skilful and physically resilient
  • You have a high level of safety awareness
  • You have a creative mind, are curious and eager to learn
  • You are characterised by your commitment and respectful manner
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Did you know that...?
... the foundry technician apprenticeship offers you first-class training in our modern foundry? You will be fully integrated into the casting process right from the start and will be involved in the development and introduction of new processes and methods.


  • You prepare the casting process and complete the casting of the moulds 
  • You are responsible for setting up and retooling the low-pressure casting systems 
  • You check the feasibility of casting simulations and are involved in mould design 
  • You analyse and evaluate casting defects and carry out production and quality assurance measures


07:00 a.m.

My working day starts with a meeting with my colleagues, who inform me about the topics for the night shift. I also check the shift reports.

07:30 a.m.

Now it's time for the morning tour of the foundry. Here I check all the machine parameters.

08:00 a.m.

Next up is the daily briefing. The highlights of the previous day are discussed together and today's programme is structured.

08:30 a.m.

I accompany a colleague and we cast samples or optimise production.

11:30 a.m.

Lunch break!

12:00 p.m.

A mould is tipping over! I have to make grindings and see how I can rebalance production.

01:00 p.m.

I check the cooling of the machines and readjust the parameters if necessary. Sometimes I also take thermographic images to determine the temperature balance.

03:30 p.m.

Finally, I document my results for today in our digital tool.

03:50 p.m.

Closing time!


At BORBET, we realise that our trainees are the talents of tomorrow and are therefore one of the key success factors of our company. For this reason, we attach particular importance to providing you with the best possible preparation for your future career. As a family-owned company and international player in the automotive industry, we offer long-term prospects as well as attractive additional benefits that will make your apprenticeship with us a rewarding experience.
Lehre AT Welcome Days
BORBET Welcome Days for the perfect start to your apprenticeship: Our personalised introductory days offer you the ideal opportunity to get to know our company and your contacts. We make it easier for you to get started and help you settle into your new role quickly.
Lehre AT Bereichsübergreifende Projekte
Focussing on your personal growth: With us, apprentice training is more than just learning! With our soft skills training, cross-professional apprentice projects and joint excursions and activities, we not only create a strong professional foundation, but also unforgettable shared experiences. 
Lehre AT Module Ausbildungsverbund ABZ

Practice-orientated and modern training concept: Learn from the best! Your basic training begins at our training partner ABZ Braunau, where you will complete individual specialised modules during your apprenticeship. During the practical training at our company, you will learn directly from our experts. We also prepare you intensively for the final apprenticeship examination.

Lehre AT Prämien
Regular benefits and bonuses for you: Look forward to a daily meal allowance, gym allowance and additional bonuses for your top performance at vocational school and on completion of your apprenticeship. We round off our apprentice package with our exclusive extras.
Lehre AT Lehre mit Matura
A career with a profile: At Borbet, we support you not only during your apprenticeship but also afterwards. In addition to the apprenticeship with school-leaving certificate, we offer you specific further training, courses or the master craftsman exam after your apprenticeship to help you climb the career ladder.
Lehre AT Gratis Jugendnetzticket
Free youth network ticket for maximum mobility: At BORBET, we know that it is especially important to be mobile during your apprenticeship. That's why we give you the OÖVV youth network ticket free of charge to make your journey easier and reduce your financial burden.
Lehre AT Leichtmetallräder bei Abschluss
Special bonus for your top performance: Your commitment to school is rewarded extra with us. Good or even excellent results in all vocational school classes? Then you can look forward to 4 BORBET light alloy wheels of your choice!