Essen Motor Show 2022
The new BORBET QX presents itself as an impressively filigree 10-spoke wheel in the trend-oriented colour versions "black bronce matt", black polished matt" and "hyper black silver". So if you are looking for the perfect combination of pure conciseness and elegant lightness in your new tuning wheel, you are guaranteed to find it at BORBET.

In addition to the QX, BORBET presented other exciting new products in Essen and with its wheels brought the brand credo "Made in Germany" back on track. First and foremost, the BORBET GTX and LX19 designs in the new 8.0x19 inch version, produced at BORBET Thüringen GmbH and finished with pad printing.

A special highlight at the BORBET stand was the special edition of the BORBET A wheel designed especially for the 35th anniversary. The unique piece, exclusively designed by artist Natalie Juwan (, was raffled off on Instagram.

BORBET Y and Tesla Y: Thanks to the new "e-grey" colour, the two are now a perfect match not only in terms of the name, but also in terms of look and feel. The BORBET Y is manufactured in Kodersdorf and is now available for the all-electric premium mid-size SUV as a new ECE wheel in 9.5x19 inch.

For the growing caravan and camping sector, BORBET has been offering resilient and, above all, convincing alloy wheels in terms of design for years. With numerous qualitative and well-styled wheels such as the BORBET CWZ from the production in Hochsauerland, we make every journey a unique experience.