2021 BORBET B silver 19 BMW-3 Web
BORBET B silver rim polished 5-Loch web
BORBET B black rim polished 5-Loch web

BORBET B now also inspires the BMW 3 Series.

Just like the BORBET B among the sporty, ambitious light alloy wheels, the BMW 3 Series is also a true classic - and always in a class of its own.

As a new version for old BMWs, the new BORBET B in the "Sports" category is now available in 8.5x19 inch with offset 33 as a 5-hole version - in "black rim polished" and "silver rim polished".

With its polished rim flange, many filigree spokes and interesting light reflections, it shows how fascinatingly beautiful a tuning icon can be. And for the rim feeling of the 80s and 90s, nothing suits BMW better than BORBET B.