2021 BORBET CWD 17  silver Mercedes-Benz-EQV web
BORBET CWD black glossy 16 & 17 Zoll web
BORBET CWD mistral anthracite polished 16+17 Zoll web
BORBET CWD crystal silver 16 & 17 Zoll web

BORBET CWD and Mercedes EQV.

The V-Class from Mercedes is now also on the road electrically with the EQV. The BORBET CWD from the "Classic" category now provides the visually balanced excitement.

The CWD wheel is now available with ABE in 7.0x17 inch and offset 51 - optionally in "mistral anthracite polished glossy", "crystal silver" and "black glossy".

Like the new Mercedes EQV, the resilient and stylish 5-spoke wheel combines exciting design with relaxed driving comfort.