2021 BORBET GTY gold 19 Volkswagen-Golf web
BORBET GTY gold polished matt web
BORBET GTY copper polished glossy web
BORBET GTY black red glossy web
BORBET GTY black rim polished glossy web


The Golf VII is currently being given the ultimate tuning with a honeycomb design from the rear apron to the floor mat. So that you don't end up "wheel-less" when it comes to the essentials - here's the optimal solution: BORBET GTY.

The 10-spoke wheel of the "Sports" category in 8.5x19 inch takes up the honeycomb design and makes the Golf VII with offset 45 an absolute eye-catcher - in noble "copper polished glossy", "gold polished matt" as well as in rich "black red glossy" or "black polished glossy".

The BORBET GTY is the optimal sporty revelation thanks to its impressive design with imposing depth effect.