Rene Klar Logistik BKO 2023


That's how you could describe Rene Klar's career. The trained tiler started as a production employee in 2016. After a stopover as a forklift driver, he switched to logistics. Today, he is responsible for the "Internal Logistics" department at BORBET Sachsen GmbH!
He sees working in a job he didn't learn as an opportunity above all: "It was interesting to constantly develop myself and often also a challenge. But I am not alone with this career path at BORBET."
"Over the years, I have completed various further education and training courses, for example in quality management and leadership skills," says Rene about the BORBET support he has received along the way.
His advice to colleagues (m/f/d): Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way! Even if a job posting doesn't fit 100% - you can learn everything and get involved in everything. And that's the beauty of BORBET: here, performance is recognised and everyone can work their way up."