Verschwiegenheit 2
We can only ensure the long-term success of BORBET by doing the right thing.  

With our Code of Conduct, we make clear which concrete rules apply to all of us and which guidelines we follow to protect our common values.


Reporting misconduct
In order to protect BORBET as well as its employees, suppliers and business partners, misconduct must be recognised at an early stage, dealt with and remedied immediately. This requires everyone's attention as well as your willingness to point out possible breaches of rules in the event of concrete indications.

What can be reported?
Any suspicion or evidence of an illegal act should be reported.
Following some examples
  • theft, bribes and gratuities
  • fraud, embezzlement
  • conflicts of interest
  • insider trading
  • antitrust matters (violation of antitrust and/or competition law)
  • money laundering
  • accounting manipulation
  • environmental protection
  • health, safety and operational security
  • Violations of data protection
  • Violations of the general right to privacy
How is a report made?
A report is made by the whistleblower:
-    via the mailbox
-    via the message field on the homepage under the "Company" tab
-    by telephone to the Compliance Officer
          Ms Scheikel, Tel.: +49 151 40090787
          Ms Prestele, Tel.: +49 2984 301 2288
-    in a personal conversation with your immediate superior
-    or to an ombudsman: Matthias Rappel, Tel.: +49 2981 92 09 0,

What happens after you have given us information?
Information you give to the hotline is received by Corporate Compliance and examined accordingly. In order to significantly support our work, we kindly ask you to provide us with one of your contact details (telephone number or e-mail), which we can use to reach you in case of queries regarding the violations you have observed. We take all information seriously and guarantee that it will be handled confidentially, to the extent permitted by law.


Important Notice:
All data and information transmitted via this contact form will be
  •     not stored in the database
  •     and encrypted 
transmitted to us.