BORBET with the companies BORBET GmbH, BORBET Austria GmbH, BORBET Sachsen GmbH, BORBET SA (PTY) Ltd, BORBET Thüringen GmbH and BORBET Vertriebs GmbH designs, develops, produces and markets light alloy wheels with the highest quality standards for the international automotive industry and the specialized trade. We have been fulfilling this claim for decades through state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, patented and innovative production technologies, an efficiently organized integrated management system and, last but not least, competent and motivated employees (m/f/d).

We see our management policy as a comprehensive means of securing the market share of our products and strengthening the BORBET brand. As a family business, our aim is to achieve maximum profitability, productivity and efficiency with sustainability and safety while making optimum use of resources at all levels and continuously improving our management system in all areas.


The following principles of our management policy guarantee our sustainable orientation as a successful, family-run company - so that quality wheels "Made by BORBET" will continue to roll off the production line and inspire our customers in the future:

  • We are committed to maximum customer orientation and constantly promote quality, environmental and safety awareness among all employees through training and information. The aim is to permanently increase customer satisfaction while taking into account environmental protection, employee safety and their health.

  • We define and monitor site-specific, measurable targets for quality, the environment, energy and health and safety, based on our strategic objectives. We review these regularly on the basis of the necessary information or key performance indicators and adjust them if necessary. 

  • We integrate quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency and occupational health and safety into all company processes and demand a high sense of responsibility from our business partners and our environment with regard to sustainable corporate management.

  • We implement the zero-error strategy ("error avoidance instead of compensation"). The basis for this is the location-based infrastructure for data collection and evaluation.

  • We fulfill our binding obligations and at the same time strive for continuous improvement in the areas of quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety throughout the integrated management system. In this way, we make a significant contribution to fulfilling the expectations of all interested parties (customers, employees, suppliers, society, etc.).

  • We plan, monitor, evaluate and carry out all processes in a systematic and targeted manner and continuously improve them. Potential hazards are identified and risk management measures are initiated in order to reduce or eliminate the risk of incidents through prevention. We involve our employees and their representatives in these processes.

  • We recognize good performance, encourage and reward creativity, pay fair remuneration and support the ongoing development of our employees with the aim of continuously and sustainably increasing our employee satisfaction. Motivated employees are a basic prerequisite for satisfied customers.

Burkhard Plett
Hallenberg-Hesborn, February 2024