Art, culture, sport, social issues - as a family business, it has always been a tradition for us to be active beyond our day-to-day business and to take on social responsibility. With this in mind, we are committed to supporting people, associations, organisations, projects and activities that are close to our hearts - out of local solidarity, out of a sense of community and out of inner conviction. Always with one goal in mind: we want to make a daily contribution not just to cars, but to making dreams come true.

NEISE Hannah Junioren WCH Skeleton Frauen Winterberg 2020 Feb 09 766 ©Dietmar Reker


BORBET is a committed partner and supporter of bobsleigh and skeleton athletes on their journey from young talent to top athlete. We firmly believe that the road to success requires hard work and commitment. That is why we have supported athletes such as Laura Nolte, Hannah Neise and Christopher Grotheer since their beginnings and are proud to be part of their impressive development. 

Jamanka Bobverein thüringen


BORBET has been a proud sponsor of the bobsleigh track in Winterberg for more than three decades. Our long-standing partnership also offers young athletes a platform to develop their talent. As a sponsor of world championships as well as international, national and regional events, BORBET actively contributes to the promotion of the sport. The bobsleigh track is not only a crowd puller in the region, but also an important centre for the development of young athletes. 

Eishockey BORBET-Sachsen Sponsoring neu

EHC Lausitzer Füchse

BORBET Sachsen is actively involved in the region and is proud to have supported the ice hockey team EHC "Lausitzer Füchse" in the 2023/2024 season. With our commitment, we not only want to promote local sport, but also strengthen the bond with our region. The EHC 'Lausitzer Füchse' team is an important part of our regional identity and we are delighted to be able to contribute to their support.

Image rights: Lausitzer Füchse / Thomas Heide

VfB  Muehlhausen


BORBET Thüringen is committed to promoting young sporting talent in the region and actively supports VfL Mühlhausen and other clubs. Our partnerships and initiatives aim to promote young talent and strengthen the local sports community.
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Since BORBET has been based in Bad Langensalza, we have actively supported the THC Erfurt women's handball team. The club is an integral part of the region and stands for sporting performance, community and cohesion. Our support includes various initiatives and projects to promote and strengthen the club and its players.

HASSMANN Felix mit Cayenne Deutsche Meister Balve Optimum 2019 Jun 16 847 ©Dietmar Reker


BORBET has been a strong and reliable partner to equestrian sport for many years. Our long-standing connection with equestrian sport combines basic values that stand for trust, discipline, ambition and teamwork. These values not only reflect the relationship between rider and horse, but are also an integral part of our corporate culture.

We live and promote this close connection not only nationally, but also regionally in our location regions. By supporting equestrian events such as the German Championships in Balve, we also express these values locally and strengthen the community in our home regions.



BORBET is actively involved in the promotion of junior team sports in our regions. This support is not only an investment in the sport of the future, but also in the development of tomorrow's employees. Through our partnerships with local sports clubs, we demonstrate social responsibility and create an attractive environment for potential employees. Our support of youth team sports is part of our commitment to team spirit, dedication and social responsibility.

Mega Sports Sundern


BORBET attaches great importance to supporting regional events in the regions in which it operates in order to create an attractive working environment for employees and potential applicants. An outstanding example of this is our partnership with the Mega Sports event in Sauerland, a major sporting event with national participation by top athletes, amateurs and children. This collaboration not only demonstrates our commitment to the local community, but also our appreciation of sport and the activities in our region. Our participation not only strengthens our ties to the region, but also emphasises our corporate values of team spirit, commitment and social responsibility.



We are always on the lookout for up-and-coming talents who are not yet in the limelight so that we can support and develop them together. An outstanding example of this is the Red Bull Driftbrothers, who we have supported from the very beginning. Although they are unfortunately no longer part of our sponsorship portfolio, they have undergone a remarkable development as Red Bull athletes. We are committed to discovering and promoting young talent so that they can realise their full potential.

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Discover the world of adventure with BORBET! We support both professional adventure projects and private endeavours by equipping them with our high-quality alloy wheels. From Rainer Zietlow's world record tour to individual adventure trips - our bikes have already taken part in impressive projects. Our bikes offer adventure-seekers the perfect combination of performance, design and quality.
Sponsoring BORBET Radsporttage


BORBET Austria is actively involved in regional cycling and supports employee teams and local cycling events. Our partnership in cycling not only underlines our regional commitment, but also our endeavour to support the health and well-being of our employees.