At BORBET, we focus on innovation, for example in the development of plastic inserts for our rims. Through our partnerships with external experts, we are able to continuously set new standards and increase the performance and efficiency of our rims.

Our focus on innovation: 

We are constantly on the lookout for new moulds, materials and surface finishes for our inserts:

Alternative manufacturing processes, such as plastic injection moulding instead of low-pressure casting, offer greater design freedom. Small multiple inserts or large individual elements, as well as hub caps, are possible.

We use heat-resistant plastics, 2K materials and plastics with a high recycling rate in production.

Our inserts can be painted and printed in multiple colours as well as metallically finished. Smooth or textured surfaces are just as possible as decorations applied using hot stamping.

Connection technology: We offer detachable and non-detachable connections using clips, screws or adhesives, including assembly and inspection at the factory.

By optimising aerodynamics and reducing wheel weight, we help to make vehicles more efficient (reduced CO2 emissions by optimising drag) and more powerful (increased range
Collaboration with external partners: Our partnerships with research institutes and external suppliers enable our top engineers and designers to develop innovative ideas and implement them effectively. By sharing knowledge and expertise, we accelerate the development and continuous improvement of our products.

Our goal: 
Our goal is to help shape the vehicles of tomorrow. We strive to develop pioneering solutions that not only exceed our customers' expectations, but also make a positive contribution to the environment and mobility.