IT Specialist for System Integration (m/f/d)
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What exactly does an IT specialist (m/f/d) specializing in system integration do?

Are you no stranger to bits and bytes? You expect variety and personal responsibility from your professional life?
Then why not start an apprenticeship in the IT sector! BORBET offers you the possibility to become an IT specialist (m/f/d) in the field of system integration.

Mininum qualifications: advanced technical college entrance qualification

Duration of the apprenticeship: approx. 3 years

What we are looking for:

• Interest in IT technology and electronic media

• Diligence, flexibility, perseverance and logical thinking skills

• Good knowledge of mathematics and computer science

Did you know that…?

... we offer you a wide range of IT tasks? Qualifications enable you to take on further interesting tasks in the fields of  IT security, network technology or the SAP competence center.

  • User support
  • Planning and configuration of IT systems
  • Installing, setting up and administering hardware components, operating systems and networks
  • Analyzing malfunctions with modern diagnostic systems
  • Solution of system problems

8:00 AM

After clocking in, I head to my office and start the computer.
8:15 AM    

First, I check my e-mails and missed calls to see if any tasks have come up for me during my absence.
Some problems I can already solve myself. To do this, I call the user and arrange an appointment or connect directly to their computer.
9:00 AM

 I have a quick breakfast and a coffee. I talk to my colleagues about what tasks I can take on today.
9:30 AM    

One of my colleagues has a problem with his PC screen. After the routine tests with a replacement cable and a screen, I determine that the problem is with the graphics card. I take the computer back to my office, replace the graphics card the graphics card and install the necessary drivers on the PC. After the setup, everything works smoothly again.
12:30 PM    

Now it's lunch break. I sit down with my colleagues in our break room. We eat lunch together and talk.
1:00 PM    

Next, we set up a new workstation. I install a computer with the requested programs and bring it to its place.
After everything has been connected and all hardware has been checked I go to the sub-distributor and patch the network connection so that access to our network also works.
4:30 PM     

Now it's closing time! I shut down my computer, sign off and head home.