Trainee (m/f/d) industrial and commercial
your day
You already know that a dual vocational training program is a good option after graduating from high school. But you are
not yet sure in which direction you want to go? Then a school or orientation internship is just the right thing for you!
But even if you already see your path clearly in front of you, you can gain valuable experience at BORBET in this way
for your future professional life.
What exactly do I do during my internship (m/f/d)?
You are free to decide whether you would like to do an internship in a commercial or industrial profession. Your tasks will vary depending on what your interests are. One thing is for sure: No day is like the other!

Louis, 15, student, weekly trainee (marketing):

 "That was so cool! I can only recommend you to do a commercial internship at BORBET as well. You do a lot of different things here like: helping manage the official BORBET Instagram page or  arranging the shipping of merchandise.
You will also have contact with so many nice people who will always help you if you have a question. I also got a factory tour
and it was really interesting. I was involved in the process throughout the internship and was also allowed to express ideas.
We even planned videos for the BORBET career Instagram account and then shot them together with our photographer -
that was a lot of fun. Overall, my message is - try it out for yourself - you'll be thrilled!

Jens, 16 years, pupil, trainee for a week (toolmaking): 
"Getting up early was definitely worth it! From the very beginning, everyone welcomed me in a very friendly way. Together with a 4th year apprentice, I had something new to do every day. No matter what work I was doing, I was taken along and thus got a perfect insight into working life at the BORBET toolmaking department.
It was just great fun! I was also active myself and was allowed to set up a machine together with the apprentice and measure tools for it. Sometimes I was also allowed to do intermediate grinding of workpieces, which then went on to further processing. That means: I was really part of the process!
Of course, at the end of the day, the workshop had to be cleaned up by all the trainees and me, but that's part of it! You should definitely give it a try too. It's really a lot of fun!"