Tool maker / Instrument mechanic (m/f/d) field area form technology
your day

What is a tool maker (m/f/d) in the field area form technology?

BORBET light alloy wheels are round masterpieces of passion and precision. As a tool maker (m/f/d) your bring our wheels in the right form. 

Minimum qualifications: 
Certificate of secondary education/Secondary school level for the location BORBET Sachsen GmbH

Duration of the apprenticeship: approx. 3,5 years

What we are looking for:

• Interest in industry and mechanical art

• Accurateness

• Ability to work in a team

• Mathematical, physical  working and technical knowledge

• Basic knowledge in technical drawing

• Handwork and craft skills


Did you know that…?

… After your tool maker apprenticeship (m/f/d) you have further possibilities with BORBET Apart from various educational measures you also have the chance to become a certified foreman and /or technician. And should your requirements be reached, university studies is a possibility in which BORBET offers assistance.

  • Fabrication of low die cast forms
  • Working of the raw materials through drilling, milling and turning with the help of CNC machines
  • Precise inspection and controlling of the dimensional accuracy of the working parts
6:00 AM    
6 am, work beginn..Inspection of the daily to do list and review with my trainer what has to be done first.    

6:15 AM    
I plan my work and regulate the turn and milling machine which I need to progress with.    

7:00 AM   
Just before begin I inspect once more the lubricants and safety equiptment, so that I can start with the chipping.    

9:00 AM    
Breakfast break.    

9:30 AM    
Work continues with important and urgent orders, in the maintenance department something essential broke,  we have to react quickly so that the machine can run again without much delay.    

12:00 Noon  
Feedback from Maintenace that the part fits pefectly, so now I can take a well earned lunch break.    

12:30 PM    
I continue with my daily chores and fabricate moulding and accessory parts.    

13:45 PM    
Daily work is almost done, now I clean up the machine and working area.    

14:30 PM