Cutting machine operator (m/f/d) special field turn and milling technology
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What does a cutting machine operator actually do (m/f/d) special field turn and milling technology?
As a cutting machine operator (m/f/d) you will work our light alloy wheels with the most modern CNC-Technology.
In this connection accuracy  in thausandth millimeter is important

Minimum qualifications: Certificate of secondary education/Secondary school level for the location BORBET Sachsen GmbH

Duration of the apprenticeship: approx. 3,5 years

What we are looking for:

• Interest in industry and mechanical art

• Accurateness

• Team capibility

• Mathematical, physical  working and technical knowledge

• Basic knowledge in technical drawing

• Handwork and craft skills


Did you know that…?

… As a certified cutting machine operator (m/f/d) a promising career at BORBET is in store for you?
Do the same as our former apprentice Daniel Sander and start after your apprenticeship continuative studies, for example
 industrial engineering and management. Daniel has achieved a position in the department development & Construction for casting optimisation.


  • Fabrication of high precision parts through the CNC controlled turn and milling machine
  • Programming, installation and servicing of the production line
  • Constant inspection of the dimensions and surface quality
  • General maintanance of machines and production line
6:00 AM    
First of all the daily meeting with your trainer, discussing the days workflow                    

6:15 AM    
We get the workshop ready for the daily routine jobs                    

6:50 AM    
Finally work on the turn and milling machine starts. My main job is to produce accessory parts for our die cast moulds                    
9:00 AM   
A well earned break for breakfast and small talk with colleagues.                    

9:30 AM   
After a short talk over previous work with the  trainer, I continue with other parts to be worked.                    

12:00 Noon    
Lunch break                    

12:30 PM   
Work on accessory parts continues in which my trainer gives me practical and valuble tips on how to optimise the turn and milling process          
14:00 PM    
A clear up of my working area, sorting the used tools and clean the machine                    

14:30 PM    
My working day comes to an end, time to enjoy after work hours!