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Prospects with fantastic drive!

Our occupational profiles are as diverse as our range of wheels, and just as innovative. Be inspired by exciting career opportunities and discover how quickly you’ll get caught up in the tailwind at BORBET. Here, some of our employees offer an insight into how they shaped their professional careers. Your personal path.

Sascha Pohl, Executive Employee

From a mechanical engineering student to a managerial position at BORBET - numerous further training courses helped me to make rapid progress. After completing my studies, I took the initiative to apply for a job at BORBET and started my career as a development engineer at BORBET in Thuringia. At the start of production in the new plant in Kodersdorf, I took on the next challenge: the position as deputy foundry manager. I am proud to be responsible for the quality of the wheels "made by BORBET" and to rediscover my passion for light metals every day.

Ralf Mause, Head of the Electrics Department.

From the first electrical trainee at BORBET, to Head of the Electrics Department – this is a realistic career path at a family-run company! After finishing my training as an energy electronics technician, and two and a half years spent working as a technician in the Electrics Department, I completed further training to become a master electrician. I’ve been Head of Department in Medebach since the end of 2001, and now provide support to new trainees on their journey to becoming specialists.

Svenja Flüss, Key Account Management Assistant.

Training after the vocational baccalaureate diploma is a springboard into the world of business. At a global player such as BORBET, Hochsauerland becomes the central hub of the international world of wheels. After my vocational baccalaureate diploma, I decided to complete training to become an industrial management assistant at BORBET so that I could start working in the OEM Sales department straight after graduation. In addition to supporting our customers, I also gained valuable experience during three months abroad at the site in Alabama, USA, and a 10-month sabbatical so I could travel. “Particularly when in contact with customers all over the globe, it’s important to have seen something of the world.� Since the end of 2015, I’ve been helping drive the wheels business for Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin with my team.

Madlen Kraft, Key Account Manager.

Preceding a safe and diversified employment, BORBET grants its employees elbowroom to allow for development potential. After completing secondary school in Mühlhausen/Thuringia, at the end of the 1990s and my training as an industrial management assistant as well as primal experiences in sales, I applied to be a dispatcher at the BORBET plant in Thuringia in 2007. And I’m now responsible for Key Account Management for Opel. Parental leave and a children caused no problems in terms of my career: "BORBET is not only a good employer but also a creative director, backer and promoter."

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