Our in-house mould making department ensures high-quality, fast and flexible production of moulds. With in-depth casting expertise and precise casting simulation for every mould design. We also take care of the maintenance and adaptation of moulds for optimum results. BORBET operates two in-house mould making facilities - in Hallenberg-Hesborn (headquarters) and at BORBET Austria in Ranshofen/Austria. The 100% in-house production makes us adaptable and independent, with close control over the process and fast response times for maximum quality assurance.
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Creation of the casting mould lower core (also known as the mould insert) by CNC milling

BORBET  Werkzeugbau


BORBET uses inserts to reduce the vehicle's aerodynamic drag and wheel weight at the same time, thereby lowering the car's fuel consumption. Inserts also offer the opportunity to customise the wheel and take the look to a new level.
Our in-house toolmaking department is at the centre of our production at BORBET. Gain an insight into the production of wheels and the important role our toolmaking department plays in this process.