With this training you will help shape the BORBET light alloy wheels of tomorrow by bringing the wheel designs into the right form and thus supporting the designers in the development of product concepts!


Technischer Produktdesigner 6
Key Facts
Minimum requirement: solid school leaving certificate
Duration of training: approx. 3.5 years
Training location: Hallenberg
Possible area of employment after training: Development, construction, design
Technischer Produktdesigner 2
That's what matters to us
  • Good spatial awareness 
  • Technical understanding and creativity
  • Diligence
  • Ability to work in a team
Technischer Produktdesigner 4
Did you know that...?
... you support the design engineers in the development of product concepts? These designs are then realised in two- and three-dimensional representations using CAD programmes. Technical product designers at BORBET are part of tomorrow's modern motor vehicles.
Technischer Produktdesigner 3
What exactly does an technical product desginer (m/f/d) do?
Are you passionate about designing, drawing and developing? Then an apprenticeship as a technical product designer (m/f/d) is just right for you! During your apprenticeship, you will familiarise yourself with the wide range of tasks in our development and design department. You will be integrated into the operational processes at an early stage and quickly take on responsibility.


  • Creation of 3D volume/surface models as well as drawings and approval documents 
  • Close collaboration with project managers and designers 
  • Independent design and calculation of light alloy wheels and their components


07:00 a.m.

After stamping, I boot up my laptop and start our CAD programme. Then I check my e-mails.

08:00 a.m.

The day before, I had built a CAD model of a new wheel and discussed it with my colleague. Now we are going to check whether the wheel can be manufactured and meets the customer's requirements.

11:00 a.m.

The design data for another project has changed. I created a drawing for this a few weeks ago, which I am now updating and then having it checked for completeness and accuracy.

12:00 p.m.

Time for the lunch break. I heat up my food in the kitchen and chat to my colleagues about professional and personal topics.

12:30 p.m.

The prototype for a wheel insert is now being produced using the 3D printer. We prepare the data set for printing. I clean the 3D printer and start the printing process. The prototype will be ready the next day and can then be sent for painting.

02:00 p.m.

Next door in the tool shop, the clamping device of a CNC milling machine is to be overhauled. I put on my safety shoes, measure the component there and create a hand-drawn sketch. From this, we can then create the CAD model tomorrow and work out a production drawing.

03:30 p.m.

It's the end of the day! I clock off, walk to the car park with a few colleagues and make my way home.


At BORBET, we realise that our trainees are the talents of tomorrow and are therefore one of the key success factors of our company. For this reason, we attach particular importance to providing you with the best possible preparation for your future career. As a family-owned company and international player in the automotive industry, we offer long-term prospects as well as attractive additional benefits that will make your apprenticeship with us a rewarding experience.
DE Einführungstage Kreis Text

The perfect start with our induction days: Get your apprenticeship at BORBET off to a successful start! Our customised induction days are the perfect way to get to know the company and your contacts. With our tried-and-tested concept, we make your start easier and help you to settle into your new role quickly.

DE 30 Tage Urlaub Kreis
Focus on work-life balance: At BORBET, we prioritise your personal quality of life. With a generous 30 days' holiday per year, we create space for relaxation and balance. This makes your training time not only productive, but also relaxed - for optimal development and a good work-life balance.
DE BORBET Card Kreis

Bonus with the BORBET employee card: As part of our commitment to your training, we offer you the exclusive BORBET bonus card. This gives you the opportunity to shop in a variety of local shops or online shops. The card not only allows you to enjoy your training, but also to receive additional incentives and rewards.

DE Fahrtkostenzuschuss Kreis
Travel allowance for your mobility: At BORBET, we know that mobility is an important factor during your training. That's why we offer a travel allowance to make your journey easier and to relieve you financially. This allows you to concentrate fully on your training.
DE Urlaubsgeld Kreis
Attractive holiday & Christmas bonus as additional motivation: As part of our commitment to our trainees, at BORBET you will receive an attractive holiday and Christmas bonus in addition to your salary. These additional payments serve as recognition for your work and motivation for your further development within the company.
DE Pruefungsvorbereitungskurse Kreis Text
Exam preparation courses for optimum support: At BORBET, we not only support you during your training, but also prepare you specifically for your exams. Our qualified exam preparation courses give you the tools you need to succeed and complete your training with flying colours.
DE Uebernahmechancen Kreis
Good chances of being taken on for a promising future: If you successfully complete your apprenticeship at BORBET, you will have very good chances of being taken on. We support talented and committed trainees and offer attractive prospects for a long-term career in our company.